Olive & Gray is a brand formed by the idea of turning empty walls into a mesmerizing art gallery!

Our brand was established with just one goal in mind; to bring back the lost glory of decorative arts and in the process, reveal their true importance to the world.

Today, thanks to the startup culture becoming a huge hit everywhere, starting a business are easier than ever. And just like every other industry, the decorative arts industry has also seen a big number of businesses pop up. Unfortunately, on their quest to score as many sales as possible, these businesses have flooded the market with generic and meaningless decorative pieces whose sole purpose is to fill an empty spot on the wall.

By the end of 2018, our founders decided to step up and do something in order to rescue decorative arts. And the result of their efforts was Olive & Gray. We understand just how important decorative art is and, when used correctly, how powerful its impact can be. Decorative arts, especially, personalized art pieces, serve a much greater purpose than merely filling an empty corner or wall, they are supposed to tell a story.

Depending on what kind of personalized decorative piece you use; it can tell what kind of experiences you’ve had, what you’re going through right now and, where you’d like to end up. Personalized wall art is a specially powerful art form as it not only conveys your story and hints about your personality but it also has the power to set the mood that you want.

This is why Olive & Gray started with wall art and thanks to our online platform, clients from across the world are showing great interest.

Currently, Olive & Gray is headquartered in New Delhi, India and we make worldwide deliveries possible with our fast and secure shipping partners.