The Adventure of Metal Artwork Throughout History

When we heat them from the bottom, they will expand unevenly, because their upper part, which will be relatively cold, will not expand that much. This will cause the crystal structure of the ware to rupture and the pot to break.

Ceramic items are heat resistent only if we heat them slowly and evenly, for example a casserole in an oven. This teapot can be used for steaming tea by putting the tea leaves or teabags inside and adding hot water, or just by pouring our previously prepared tea in it in order to serve it to our guests or family.

Date: 01:53 AM - September 26, 2020



Metal has played an important role since the beginning of the human kind. In fact, it was metal that leads the definition of human prog from stone age to Steel age, you can see the very first metal arts from the ancient crops because people are born with the nature that pushes them to create something both for practical usage and aesthetic reasons.

In ancient Egypt,people knew the techniques of shaping the metal to create decorative object like sculptures and masks. Greeks, following the egyptians and persians, give importance to aesthetic brother the functionality when it comes to metal.metal artwork that became more and more important during this time as can be seen from the cathedrals and several monuments metal not work has never gone out of style and been used as a decorative objects for several thousand years.

As Hoagard ,this passion will always encourage us to find the most unique design to create an art that will stand for years on the wall.