Meet the Legendary Renaissance Artist!

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Date: 01:53 AM - September 26, 2020



Everything begins with an idea

What made the Renaissance error so unique and valuable is that this revival movement has affected many areas of European civilization. During this period,Europe has witnessed such amazing works and talented artists in inspiring us even today! Passion for Renaissance and the pursuit of trying new techniques have inspired us to design new posters in which both legendary Renaissance artists and their well-known works are praised with their art.

Leonardo da Vinci- His artwork Monalisa still bring thousands of visitors to Louvre every day and the last super still Spark a debate about the reflection of apostles.

Michelangelo – Adam, the hands and God..this three words may be the best examples of evocation of the creation of Adam. Michelangelo proved us all how a single scene can be depicted flawlessly with delicate details.

Raffaello Sanzio –Raffaello has printed his masterpiece on the walls of stanza. The third one of his paintings,the school of Antens was massive decor for the pops library. “Hope you enjoyed the story behind those masterpieces and love our poster series of real legends keep following us for the information about them!”