Happy Birthday Virgo

This vessel is a unique piece of art. It is wheel thrown on a pottery wheel, then dried, bisque fired, glazed and fired for a second time. It is entirely handmade – from the preparation of the clay till the removing from the kiln.

This teapot cannot be used over direct heat from a stovetop range. Very few ceramic items are safe for stovetop heating. When heated, ceramic ware starts to expand (although not visible with naked eye). It can also be a beautiful decorative item for our kitchen and living room or even for our garden.

Date: 01:53 AM - September 25, 2020



Everything begins with an idea

Welcome to the most perfectionist people in the universe, the virgo representatives! we know how hard it is to recommend something to a detail oriented person like you.However, we would like to take our chance! Our goal is to feel amazing with stunning Hoagard designs during the journey of decorating your homes:


  The secret gift of bigger people is there hardworking nature. You just cannot stop working and studying every aspect of your life. you are also a dab hand and have a great taste when it comes to decorating a home with well coordinated and precise style. This being the case you should look at your Ajna design which will both motivate you as a willing horse when assembling the pieces and then appealing to the eye.


For a virgo, “Life only has two sides its either black or white” that is why you would like to go for some subtle lines in your home decoration mostly because you hold no brief for clutter pieces . The  style with unique lines like wolf would suit very well to your interior decoration.