Happy Birthday Leo!

Professional chefs know, bigger and thicker is better for wood cutting boards! Compare to other kitchen board and chop board products before you buy: at 17″ x 13″ x 1.5″ and 7 lbs. weight, our extra-large bamboo cutting board has them beat for strength, durability, and performance.

Enjoy the performance and comfort of bamboo: it’s dense enough for safe chopping, while soft enough to not damage your knives. Designed for use by professional chefs and frequent use in home and kitchen, with ultimate satisfaction.

This board is reversible, both sides are flat and can be used as cutting surfaces. Integrated handgrips on each end make lifting, moving and cleaning this classic, versatile board easy for all users

Date: 10:41 AM - September 27, 2020



Happy birthday leo!

Being king of the Jungle you are a natural leader and the life keyword for you is “management”.This being the case,biggest thing you would like to run the show about having an interior style to call your own as a single minded person at many points in your life

lion head – Of course, we have the most appropriate metal wall art for you, Lion Head as we know you always love to show your own character in every aspect of your life, even in your interior decoration.

 My/Our habitat

Every one sometimes dream of an individual and special area even do they have been surrounded by friends or even strangers, we have a cool option for you to arrange your personal space where you can drink some coffee and listen to your soul after a long exhausting day,So you need for it is to hang MY HABITAT design on your wall!

Live live by the sun, Love by the moon

Ruled by the sun, what motivates the present ATS is the shining sky. Further more,as leo star is one of the thirteen constellation of the zodiac, it lies along the path of sun. That’s why we’re sure that our unique design LIVE BY THE SUN LOVE BY THE MOON burp suite your home very well and remember you of the beautiful sky.