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Outdoor Space in your Garden

.Where utility ends and decoration begins is perfection.

We all want to socialize without getting into the crowd nowadays. So it is high time that we transformed our garden into a space where we can spend valuable time with our friends and family to make the most of the fresh air. Here are some tips to create a unique space in your garden if you are interested in making such a place.



A triumph of texture and form, and dramatic, organic, sophisticated, sensual, it was one of the most beguiling pieces of functional art I’ve seen of late.

With the addition of soft lights into your garden, you can enjoy the landscape and the coziness of the space. String light poles can also make a big difference if you want to create an inviting space. Try draping them behind a plant or a wall to have a minimal but sparky appearance.

You will find numerous wall hangings that go with the outdoor decor and gives your house a lively look here at Olive and Gray!.


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