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Hanging a Gallery Wall

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness 
and still become something beautiful.

Standing in front of a blank wall can be boring especially when we spend most of our time at home. If you are looking for a weekend activity, building your own gallery wall may not be as difficult as you think. All you need to have is a simple plan and some artworks. You don’t need to overthink and get stressed, just follow these easy steps and have your own gallery wall.

                                                        design 44 scene 1

       It is fairy dust and wanderlust that guide our hands to create what our hearts desire.
Gayle Wray

The most important part of designing a gallery wall is to decide where to hang it. If you have a completely blank wall, you are lucky. Just aim for the center and make your own adjustment. But if your wall has already something on it or surrounded by some furniture you can start arranging space for the gallery wall. We highly recommend you hang your lowest artwork approximately 20 cm above the furniture.

                                                          design 45 scene 3

The composition can be with your family photos or with your favorite art prints. It completely depends on you. Whatever it is. it doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical but just keep the balance in the overall appearance. If you have enough space, you can hang the photos or the prints with leaving some distance like 4-5 cm.

To make your gallery wall even more interesting, you can gather the artworks around your favorite motto. As the metal quotes are mounted easily thanks to the hanging stripes behind them, their places can be adjusted later without any damage on the wall. Remember, gallery walls are for hanging more and more! Do not forget to leave a little empty space for your future wall decors.

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